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Transfer Interest Rate Risk on Conforming Mortgages        
Transfer Interest Rate Risk on Jumbo Mortgages        
Transfer Interest Rate Risk on Non-QM Mortgages        
  Type DEV-XM Non Conforming   Mortgage Coupon 3.13%  
  Coupon 4.55%   Swap Cost 2.35%  
  Original Maturity 30Y    
  Delivery Date OCT 14   Net Spread 100bp  
  Swap Coupon 2.50%        
  Eff Swap Rate 2.25%   Basel 3 Risk Weight  
  Swap Term        
  Pay or Receive   Return On Equity 15.25%  
  Enter Up Front Fee(%) 0.0%   (35% Tax Rate, 10.5% Tier Capital,
10bp DEV-XM annual fee)
  Enter Swap Notional Amount $10MM        
        To Achieve Risk Adjusted Mortgage  
  EXECUTE ORDER      Return on Equity of: Coupon  
  PAY FIXED 10Y 2.50%     5% 100  
  Notional: $355 MM     10% 200  
  Prem/Disc: 2.5%     15% 300  
        20% 400  
        Price Risk At Swap Maturity  
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Original Maturity30Y
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